An up close and personal look into the "This Is Me: Feel Again" solo shows by Grammy nominated DJ Armin van Buuren that took place at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam last year. After a period of reflecting and producing new music during the pandemic, Armin has a triumphant return to the stage. Combining unique concert footage and in-depth interviews with Armin and the people who knew him best. This is Me: Feel Again is an intimate look into the life and creative process of one of the most prolific DJs working today.

Armin van Buuren Presents This is Me: Feel Again

1h 20m


Director: James Barnes, Nicolas Caeyers and Sander Reneman
Cast: Armin van Buuren, Erika van Buuren, Sam Martin, Natalie Wamba Berry, Max Elliot Matluck (Matluck), Stephen Wrabel (Wrabel)

Release: Digital Platforms 20th November 2023