"With terrible weather and the advancing enemy. Lt. Colonel McCulley (Berenger) and General Bradly (Zane), meet together for a briefing of what they can do to help stop the Germans advancing. A plane is dispatched to see the exact enemy locations. Lt. Cappa has been thrust into a do our die position. Having escaped the clutches of his German captors, Cappa must gather what men and resources he can. With limited supplies, food or ammo, Cappa is chased by the Germans through enemy lines. Upon discovering his old Friend Captain Daniels, Cappa discovers that Sheppard’s and his military police are not who they seem. And a final battle between Cappa, Sheppard and the Germans ensue.

Battle of the Bulge: Winter War

1h 25m

Director: Steven Luke

UK Release: Digital & DVD 21st June 2021