Dogwoof has announced that BEYOND UTOPIA, the documentary from Madeleine Gavin (City of Joy) that uses hidden camera footage to track the perilous, high-stake journey that North Korean defectors undertake to escape oppression, is releasing to UK cinemas on 27th October 2022. The film premiered at Sundance earlier this year where it received the US Documentary Audience Award.

Beyond Utopia is a suspenseful look at the lengths people will go to gain freedom, it follows various individuals as they attempt to flee one of the most oppressive places on Earth, a land they grew up believing was a paradise. At the film’s core are a mother desperate to reunite with the child she was forced to leave behind; a family of five — including small children and an elderly grandmother — embarking on a treacherous journey into the hostile mountains beyond their border; and a man of God on a mission to help these desperate souls.

Beyond Utopia

1h 55m


Director: Madeleine Gavin
Cast: Barbara Demick, IL-Sung Kim, Jong-il Kim

UK Release: Cinemas 27th October 2023