Melvin (Aml Ameen) is a successful British author who returns to London from America, with his American fiancée (Aja Naomi King) so that he can introduce her to his eccentric British-Caribbean family at their annual Boxing Day gathering.

The pair aren’t long with the family when cracks starts start to appear in their relationship, mostly due to the presence of Melvin’s ex-girlfriend (Leigh-Anne Pinnock of girl band Little Mix) who appears to still have feelings for poor Melvin.

As well as starring in Boxing Day Aml Ameen also writes and directs what’s described as the UK’s first Christmas romcom with a mostly black cast. Sadly Boxing Day feels like a cheap Christmas present that’s been reluctantly accepted at Christmas and immediately forgotten about the following day, co-incidentally Boxing Day. Light in laughs and completely unromantic, which are really two things that a romcom should have, Boxing day feels more like a cheap effort from the likes of the Hallmark Channel as opposed to something that’s been given a full cinema releases. Love Actually this isn’t.


Boxing Day

Director: Aml Ameen
Cast: Aml Ameen, Aja Naomi King and Leigh-Anne Pinnock

UK Release: Cinemas 31st December 2021. Premium Video on Demand 3rd january 2022