A movie based solely on following two people about and listening to their conversation shouldn’t really work but it’s to director Daniel Sanchez Lopez’s credit that Boy Meets Boy is more interesting than it has any right to be.

After meeting the previous evening in a gay club and just before Harry returns to the UK later that day, Johannes (Alexandros Koutsoulis) and Harry (Matthew James Morrison) wander about Berlin talking about things that people talk about, love, family, jobs etc.

Feeling at times if it’s unscripted and with some of the conversation between the pair being less than scintillating the story does tend to drag for long periods. However thanks to wonderful performances from both the central characters, Mathew James Morrison is particularly good as Harry the disillusioned junior doctor, Boy Meets Boy is never anything but watchable.

With its limited and at times meandering story Boy meets Boy is a movie that won’t be for everyone. For myself I just about found enough in this simple modern love story to keep me entertained.


Boy Meets Boy

1h 15m

Director: Daniel Sanchez Lopez
Cast: Matthew James Morrison, Alexandros Koutsoulis

UK Release: DVD and Digital Platforms 6th September 2021