"Cats in the Museum" invites you into a world hidden within the historic museum's walls. Here, a group of clever cats, led by the charming Max, comes to life after dark. Their peaceful existence is threatened when the museum faces closure, jeopardizing not only their home but also iconic artworks like the Mona Lisa. In their mission to save the museum, these resourceful feline heroes encounter a new challenge: mischievous mice with a penchant for nibbling on priceless masterpieces. The cats, determined to protect the Mona Lisa and other treasured artworks, embark on daring escapades to outwit the mice and preserve the cultural heritage that resides within their beloved museum.

Cats In The Museum

1h 23m

Director: Vasilly Rovenskiy
Cast: Roman Kurtsyn, Polina Gagarina, Pavel Priluchnvy

UK Release: Cinemas 26th December 2023