In the follow up to “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” Dr. Steven Greer goes deeper into the practice of CE-5 with Investigative Filmmaker Serena DC where he reveals how to expand your consciousness and have your very own Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind.

Every year, Dr. Greer holds expeditions around the USA at UFO hot spots where he teaches a small, select group of attendees how to use the CE5 protocols. With full disclosure of the existence of ET’s & UFO’s imminent, Dr Greer has granted UFO experiencer, Investigative Filmmaker Serena DC unprecedented access into his fascinating world to share how he developed the CE5 protocols with ET’s, their message for humanity & how everyone on earth can use these protocols to make contact with Extraterrestrials & UFO’s.

Dr Greer and his team have captured thousands of videos and photos of UFO’s, orbs of light and Extraterrestrial beings at these CE5 expeditions and millions of people around the world have started using these same protocols to have their own incredible contact experiences. Join, Dr. Greer, Serena DC and CE5 experiencers as they take part in CE5’s and share their incredible stories, videos and photo captures from their own mind blowing Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.

Contact: The CE5 Experience


Director: Serena Dc

Release: Now available on Digital Platforms