A Thief (James Clayton) who only looks out for number one, finally pulls off his long-gestating heist: the robbery of psychotic crime lord, Temple (Vinnie Jones). The plan goes off without a hitch until he discovers a stowaway in his getaway car – Temple’s wife, Mia along with Temple’s elite assassin, the deadly and mysterious man known simply as The Frenchman, hot on their heels. The Thief is torn between disappearing with the money or taking a risky detour to help Mia escape her husband’s abusive grasp. But with Temple, The Frenchman, and their deadly convoy of goons in pursuit, they quickly discover the only way to get out alive is to drive out.

Death Pursuit (aka Bullet Proof)

1h 31m

Director: James C. Clayton
Cast: Vinnie Jones, James C. Clayton, Lina Lecompte, Janvier Katabarwa, Philip Granger, Danny Mac, Glenn Ennis

UK Release: Digital Platforms 12th September 2022