A feature documentary narrated by Academy Award® Winner, Dame Helen Mirren, Escape From Extinction explores the critical efforts of major zoological organisations to preserve millions of species on the verge of disappearing forever, through a unique mix of conservation, rescue breeding and environmental awareness.

Featuring rare footage of endangered animals and interviews with the world’s leading animal welfare and conservation specialists, this powerful film explores the work of zoos and aquariums across the globe as they race to protect and preserve animals from all seven of Earth’s continents. With the very web of life on Earth being threatened in what scientists are calling a ‘Sixth Mass Extinction’, such organisations are nature’s last arks of hope in preserving the rich legacy of life on our world. Without this help – and the global engagement of the public – the biological treasures we hope to pass on to our children and grandchildren may disappear forever within a generation.

Escape From Extinction

1h 29m


Director: Matthew R.Brady
Cast: Dame Helen Mirren

UK Release: Cinemas 17th September, Digital Platforms 18th October and DVD 25th October 2021