Kira and Ian – both in their mid-30s – meet one winter weekend on the Isle of Skye. Both are on the run – from their past as well as from the reality of their current lives. The 36 hours they spend together are carried by fun and lightness. A deep, almost magical connection develops between the two strangers. Everything seems possible. But fate tears them apart again. Both return to London without knowing that they live in the same city. Often only a few minutes, metres and coincidences apart, Kira and Ian move through the pulsating big city; they never meet each other. First they have to face their demons before they are ready to really meet.

Falling Into Place

1h 53m

Director: Aylin Tezel
Cast: Aylin Tezel, Chris Fulton, Alexandra Dowling, Rory Fleck Byrne, Samuel Anderson, Anna Russell-Martin

UK Release: Scottish Cinemas 13th September 2024 and across the UK from 11th October 2024