Inspired by a time when the television sitcom was in its infancy and when women were expected to be merely decorative or the butt of the joke, Gemma Arterton stars as Barbara Parker - the Blackpool beauty queen who becomes a comedy superstar. It’s the height of the swinging 60s and the newly crowned ‘Miss Blackpool’ has arrived in London to find her calling. But the London she finds is not quite as swinging as expected. After a series of setbacks Barbara finds herself in an audition for a TV comedy show. It turns out Barbara’s uncompromising northern wit is the X factor that the burgeoning television sitcom scene has been missing, taking Barbara from obscurity to the front covers, kicking off a rollercoaster journey that brings us to where comedy is today.  

Funny Woman

TV Series

Cast: Gemma Arterton, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Arsher Ali,  Alexa Davies

UK Release: Coming Soon to SKY MAX