A documentary portrait of Italy and a film about the future, Futura is observed through the eyes of its young people, who talk about the places they live in and imagine themselves - torn between the opportunities that surround them, the dream of what they want to become, the fear of failing, the trials they hope to overcome.

Interviews take place with a diverse cross-section of the nation’s youth, aged between 15 - 20, which were documented during a journey across Italy, from Naples to Milan, Turin to Palermo, Venice, Rome and beyond, and shot both before and during the pandemic.

From aspiring beauticians to athletes, academics and activists, young people are given the opportunity to talk openly, to freely express themselves and create their own storytelling. Reflecting on themes with universal resonance, such as political divisions, socioeconomic unease, overreliance on technology, gender identity and the global climate crisis, these young adults ask themselves: is there a future at all?

Filmed as a collaboration between three of Italy’s most acclaimed and exciting Italian filmmakers, known for their politically acute cinema - Pietro Marcello (Martin Eden, Crossing the Line, The Wolf’s Mouth), Francesco Munzi (Black Souls), and Alice Rohrwacher (Happy as Lazzaro, The Wonders), Futura was born out of the desire to create a truly collective work.

Inspired by the likes of Pasolini’s classic state-of-the-nation documentary, ‘Love Meetings’ (1965), Futura aims to give a representation of Italian youth through their own eyes and voices and paint a tableau of their country, at a particular moment in time



1h 45m

Director: Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi and Alice Rohrwacher

UK Release: Cinemas 8th July 2022