Anna, an underprivileged seamstress haunted by a cursed past, seeks acceptance in high society but finds herself entangled in a web of torment. Fleeing to America with her aunt, she hopes for a brighter future away from her turbulent history. Anna's passion for sewing is nurtured by her grandmother, despite the pain her memories bring. Haunted by the evil witch's curse, Anna resists succumbing to her dark destiny. Manipulated and exploited by the aristocratic Hunt family, Anna becomes involved in an affair with Nicholas, Chloe's husband, and soon discovers she is pregnant. As the witch's spirit lurks and murders surround her, Anna struggles to protect her unborn child. In a desperate confrontation with Chloe, tragedy ensues, intensifying the witch's influence. The curse persists, as the witch relentlessly seeks to continue her legacy through Anna's child.

Heir Of The Witch

Director: Victoria U Bell
Cast: Victoria U Bell, Sophia Vandy, Ben Holtzmuller

UK Release: Digital Platforms 20th November 2023