Ridder Films are excited to share the latest trailer for their award-winning psychological thriller HELP , from acclaimed short film Director Blake Ridder ( > The English Teacher, A Simple Robbery. )

Set for release summer 2021, HELP follows Grace, who after a painful break up visits her friend Liv who is living in the idyllic English countryside with her boyfriend Edward and his dog Polly. The trio start the weekend in high spirits but dark revelations soon cascade the weekend into chaos.

Shot in just 12 days during lockdown with a cast & crew of only 20 people, HELP is an exciting example of the high quality films that can be produced despite this difficult time.

Director Blake Ridder said " It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet that we made a film during a lockdown 2 months ago, and now it’s ready for release. Not only that, it’s also getting so much love from the festivals, it’s a great feeling. I can’t wait for everyone to see this. The film explores human relationships in its rawest form. "


Director: Blake Ridder

UK Release: Coming Summer 2021