Angela (Linsey Godfrey) has it all—she’s on the partnership track at her prestigious wealth management firm and she is engaged to the perfect man. But things take a turn when her college boyfriend, Kyle (Tilky Jones) suddenly reappears in her life. Kyle had proposed to Angela after graduation and she turned him down; but now Kyle is a famous photographer and is wealthy from a recent inheritance. He hires Angela to manage his money, and what begins as a strict business relationship soon turns into a heated affair. But as Angela begins to spend more and more time with Kyle, she realizes that this trip down memory lane may be a disastrous mistake. When her life suddenly takes a downward spiral with her fiancé, friends and work, Angela is forced to confront the fact that Kyle may no longer be the sweet, gentle man of her past.

He's Watching

1h 35m

Director: Jacob Estes
Cast: Darri Ingolfsson, Linsey Godfrey, Presciliana Esparolini, Shi Ne Nielson, Tilky Jones

UK Release: Digital Platforms 17th October 2022