The Legendary New Yorker, Michael Hero, is a man of wealth and power who has made his fortune as an entrepreneur. He is devastated when his grandson Jackie is accidentally killed in a pub fight in London by married couple Lauren and Luke Loveday. Consumed by grief and anger, Michael decides to take matters into his own hands and seek revenge on the couple responsible for his grandson's death. He places a one-million-dollar bounty on their heads, which quickly attracts the attention of some of the world's most skilled assassins.

As the assassins descend upon London, Lauren and Luke go into hiding, fearing for their lives. Among the assassins is Justin Villain, a recently widowed and suicidal hitman who is known for his deadly skills. However, when Justin learns of Michael's bounty, he is reminded of his late wife and decides to protect the Lovedays instead of killing them. In a race against time, Justin must use his expertise to outwit the other assassins and keep the couple safe. As he spends more time with Lauren and Luke, he begins to realize that his feelings for them go beyond just protecting them and he is willing to risk everything to ensure their safety.


1h 49m

Director: Savvas D. Michael
Cast: Eric Roberts, Adam Deacon, Georges St-Pierre

UK Release: Cinemas, Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Platforms 5th June 2023