When New York Detective Bobby Belucci (Hirsch), catches his wife (Ashley Greene) with another man he can’t contain his rage… beating the guy to a pulp and leaving him fighting for his life. With his anger out of control and his wife out of the door, things spiral further when he’s demoted to desk duties.

Hitting the town and the bottle to drown his sorrows, Bobby ends up helping a lowlife (Jake Cannavale), leaving another man hospitalised, but their encounter leads to a chance visit to the infamous Gemini Lounge, a popular mob hang out.

With his whole world turned upside down and with nothing to lose, he comes up with a plan to prove himself, not only to his Captain, but his wife too.

Against his bosses wishes Bobby goes undercover to infiltrate the Gambino crime family’s notorious DeMeo Crew a violent and bloody faction whose reign of terror controlled the Big Apple throughout the sixties and seventies.

As he gets deeper in with the firm and in over his head, he will stop at nothing to get close to the boss, Roy DeMeo (Danny Abeckaser), in his attempt to expose the full extent of their murder and corruption. As Bobby’s life becomes entwined with the mob, the body count rises and the price for absolution may be higher than he can afford… will Inside Man make it out?

Inside Man

1h 31m

Director: Danny A Abeckaser
Cast: Emile Hirsch, Jake Cannavale

UK Release: Digital Platforms 20th November 2023