A powerful and riveting performance from Tallulah Haddon as the titles Justine makes this simple tale of love something quite special.

Addicted to drugs and with deep physiological issues, much of the narrative is told via her conversations with her probation officer (Sian Reese- Williams) and her doctor (Steve Oram), Justine is on a path of self-destruction when she meets Rachael (Sophie Reid), a level headed language student whose basically everything that Justine is not. With Justine having only one other friend, Peach (Xavien Russel), who himself is less than a role model, it’s left to Rachael to deal with Justine’s mood swings, drunken binges and shoplifting sprees.

The story of a lesbian relationship is not an obvious choice for a male director, James Patterson, and writer, Jeff Murphy, but between them, and helped in no small part by outstanding performances from Haddon and Reid, they’ve produced a moving and modern love story that’s not to be missed.

Highly recommended.



1h 22m

Director: Jamie Patterson

UK Release: exclusively on Curzon Home Cinema 5th March 2021