Facing mortality, Sid (George Somner, Sex Education) wants to create a legacy and be remembered forever. With his obsession for astronomy and the atmosphere, he comes up with a plan to bring everyone together and make this summer unforgettable. He gives each boy a category – love, home, friends, family and location – and asks them to find an item that connects them all with the word they’ve been given. Also starring Conrad Khan (County Lines), Wilson Mbomio (The Witcher) and Mia McKenna-Bruce (Persuasion), Kindling is written and directed by Connor O’Hara in his feature directorial debut, and is produced by Jamie Gamache (Dear Future Children) and Mark Foligno (The King’s Speech).


1h 34m

Director: Connor O’Hara
Cast: George Somner, Conrad Khan, Wilson Mbomio, Mia McKenna-Bruce

UK Release: Cinemas and Digital Platforms April 21st 2023