Love Without Walls is produced by Karen Newman, Producer of 'Just Charlie', winner of the Audience Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and Jane Gull, Director of 'My Feral Heart', the UK’s most successful ‘cinema-on-demand’ film of all time.

Sophie and Paul (an aspiring musician) can't pay their London rent and turn to friends and family for support. Over the course of a summer, things go from bad to worse: The couple lose everything and find themselves lost in the underbelly of life on the streets. Though frustrated, their good humour and positivity land them odd jobs and a temporary shelter. A story of love, hope and survival in the darkest of times. Love Without Walls is a drama-romance featuring a backdrop of original music primarily written and performed by singer/songwriter and lead actor Niall McNamee.

Love Without Walls

1h 52m

Director: Jane Gull
Cast: Niall McNamee, Shana Swash, Paul Barber, Adam Deacon, Sheila Reid, Theo Ogundipe, Amy Molloy

UK Release: Cinemas 9th June 2023