Emmett wants to clean and flip his recently deceased mother's house: get in, get out, and avoid any trauma still lingering from when she abandoned him as a young child. Anya, his fiancé, see's this as an opportunity to finally force Emmett to deal with his trauma because she believes it is preventing him from being the partner she needs. So she convinces him to take mushrooms to get him to let go. But something strange happens while they're tripping: she starts behaving like his mother. The next morning he wakes up sober, but she still won't drop the act... Anya loves playing games - is this her taking it too far? Or did his mother's spirit somehow possess her?

Mother May I?

1h 39m

Director: Laurence Vannicelli
Cast: Holland Roden, Kyle Gallner, Chris Mulkey

UK Release: Digital Platforms 21st August 2023