Inspired by a real-life story, Niewidzialna Wojna – The Invisible War lays bare the machinery that propels mass entertainment and reveals the price people are ready to pay to succeed in that world. It exposes the phenomenon of fame in the age of social media which has become a more potent turn-on than the actual power or money.

Director Patryk Vega has conceived a tale of a male media celebrity figure – an adrenaline junkie and sex fiend in thrall to cars, shopping, work, booze, highs, the occult and pills.

The film is a snapshot of the little-known truth about the present-day showbiz world and the rules it abides by. The turbulent life of a celeb morphs into a dismal journey into the heart of darkness from where the protagonist can climb back to the light.

The lead character, who spent his entire life dreaming about a dazzling career in showbiz, resorts to self-destruction in exchange for popularity and discovers that the rewards of ascending to the pinnacle of fame was in fact a delusion.

Niewidzialna Wojna – The Invisible War is also replete with motifs that are bound to strike a chord of sympathy with the female audience. A collection of strong and expressive female figures comes as a response to the issue of gender equality that simmers in the collective subconscious around the world.

Most importantly however, Vega’s Niewidzialna Wojna – The Invisible War flings viewers onto an emotional rollercoaster in which they get tossed between laughter and tears as that story of one man’s confusion in the media world unfolds before their eyes.

Niewidzialna Wojna (The Invisible War)

Director: Patryk Vega
Cast: Rafal Zawierucha, Anna Mucha, Justyna Karlowska

UK Release: Cinemas 7th October 2022