The film, which premiered and won three awards at Venice Film Festival before screening at Toronto Film Festival, New York Film Festival and BFI London Film Festival, is the Italian entry from the Academy Awards 2021 and nominated for Best International Feature at the BIFA awards and is the latest work from Gianfranco Rosi, the filmmaker behind the Berlin Golden Bear winning film FIRE AT SEA.

Notturno was shot over the past three years along the borders of Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria, and Lebanon. A region where tyranny, invasions and terrorism have fed off each other in a vicious circle, to the detriment of the civilian populations. All around signs of violence and destruction: but in the foreground is the humanity that reawakens every day from a nocturne that seems infinite. “Notturno”, a film of light on the darkness of war.



1h 40m

Director: Gianfranco Rosi

UK Release: MUBI 5th March 2021
Blu- ray 3rd May 2021 pre-order