In 1944 German-occupied France, the Nazis developed a Trojan horse plot that aimed to incapacitate the allied forces in the skies and was the beginnings of an enemy action to level a major European city! The only resilience against this Nazi threat are those allied officers caught and captured in its web. With time running out and the plan laid out before them, it’s up to a rag-tag bunch of soldiers to put an end to this critical ambush tactic which could turn the tide of war. Operation: Wolf Hound stars James Maslow (Big Time Rush), Trevor Donovan (90210), John Turk (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Prison Break) and is directed and co-written by Michael B. Chait (B-52: Three Generations).

Operation: Wolf Hound

2h 7m

Director: Michael B. Chait
Cast: James Maslow , Trevor Donovan, John Turk

UK Release: Digital Platforms 4th July. DVD 25th July 2022