BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Céline Sciamma ( Portrait of a Lady on Fire) presents a look at the delicate connection between mother and daughter. A favourite of the 2021 Berlin Film Festival, Petite Maman returns the director to her preoccupation with coming-of-age stories to typically masterful effect.

The film tells the story of eight-year-old Nelly’s fantastical journey after the death of her beloved grandmother. While helping her mother clear out her childhood home, Nelly begins to explore the surrounding woodland and encounters a strangely familiar girl her own age. Instantly forming a connection with this mysterious new friend, Nelly embarks on a formative flight of fancy that encourages her to come to terms with this newfound loss.

Petite Maman

1h 12m

Director: Celine Sciamma
Cast: Josephine Sanz, Gabrielle Sanz, Nina Meurisse

UK Release: Cinemas 19th November 2021. Exclusively on MUBI 4th February 2022, DVD and Blu-ray 21st March 2022


Petite Maman Extras:

  • Q&A with director Celine Sciamma
  • Six exclusive art cards (Blu-Ray only)