Documentary filmmaker, Lewis J Maitland, is going into Medway prison to meet former darts player, Rocky Goldfingers, as he completes a fifteen-year sentence for the murder of his former teammate and protégé, Perry ‘The Poison Arrow’ Peters. A crime he continues to claim he did not commit. Poison Arrows is Maitland’s filmed record of what happens when Rocky gets out and goes in search of whoever it was that “stitched him up”. It follows Rocky’s desperate quest to find the real killer, in a hostile, disbelieving world that’s changed beyond all recognition, from the one he left behind. At the same time Maitland is himself on a quest, to win an elusive BAFTA, by chronicling either his subject’s slow, delusional and tragic decline - into denial and psychosis - or better still, if he’s really lucky, the discovery of one of the most shocking and extraordinary sports conspiracies of all time!

Poison Arrows

1h 35m

Director: Simon Sprackling
Cast: Geoff Bell, Ben Gardner Gray, James Harkness

UK Release: Cinemas 20th December 2022 and digital platforms 2nd January 2023