Set in 2010 in the landlocked Gansu province of Northwest China, the impending threat of urbanisation relentlessly encroaches on their attempts to build a home together, and on the beauty they find in the simplicity of agrarianism. Shot during the pandemic and filmed over the course of a calendar year, the seasons blossom from winter to summer, much like the crops they laboriously tend and their flourishing love. As in many of his other films, Return To Dust is set in film director Li Ruijun’s hometown, the small rural village of Gaotoi. with his uncle and real-life farmer Wu Renlin taking on the role of Ma. Li’s deep connection to his birthplace brings a further gravity to his exploration of family, relationships, and life and death in a rapidly evolving China

Return To Dust

2h 13m

Director: Li Ruijun
Cast: Wu Renlin, Hai Qing

UK Release: Cinemas 4th November 2022