About “Take Care with Peanuts”

The “Take Care With Peanuts” initiative, is a global multi-year enterprise encouraging everyone to “take care”—of themselves, each other, and the Earth. The initiative draws on themes of wellness, community, and environmental engagement found throughout Charles Schulz’s revered comic strip, and includes philanthropic outreach, social messaging, and educational activities. Children and communities are at the heart of each activation. As part of the campaign, Peanuts has created eleven 60 second social media messages, one each month, centred around a different theme to remind us to press ‘Pause’ and appreciate ourselves, those around us, and this place we call home all to inspire and motivate action. The video messages are available in 10 different languages.

Take Care with Peanuts: Happy Harvesting is the ninth video from the “Take Care with Peanuts” initiative.

Pumpkin season is here! Learn about composting from Lucy to help your garden grow better than ever before and Take Care of the Earth!

“Take Care with Peanuts” is a multi-year campaign aimed at inspiring and educating audiences worldwide. “Snoopy,” “Charlie Brown,” “Lucy,” and friends show how physical fitness is important when taking care of yourself and the many ways you can move your own way. How will you exercise today?

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