Set over the Halloween weekend, this thrilling and hilarious comedy horror follows an underachieving music teacher (Spencer Brown - Nathan Barley) and his dodgy colleague (James Lance - Ted Lasso) who end a big night out by unwittingly selling their souls to the devil for three days' good fortune.

Soon realising their grave mistake they find themselves in a race against the clock to break the deal and save their futures. But do the useless pair, aided mainly just by an unhinged priest (Michael Smiley - Kill List), stand any real chance? As obstacles, and bodies, start piling up, the hour of reckoning grows near...

The Devil Went Down To Islington

1h 30m

Director: Daniel Wilson
Cast: Spencer Brown, James Lance, Sophie Colquhoun, Michael Smiley & Ronni Ancona

UK Release: Digital Platforms 23rd October 2023