If you’re wondering what the title of The Fence refers to, it’s explained in the film’s opening titles, it’s an individual who knowingly buys stolen goods to later resell them for profit.

Writer director William Stones has based The Fence on his own 2018 short story of the same name, the YouTube video is below but beware watching the short gives away most of the plot. The only member of the cast to return is David Perkins who plays the lead role.

Perkins plays Stephen Knight, a teenager living on a Bristol council estate in the 80s. When his motorbike is stolen he enlists the help of his friends and his brother Andrew (Eugene Simon) to track down the thief and recover his bike.

Whilst The Fence never manages to lose the feeling that it’s based on a short story with a few new plot lines and characters added to pad out the running time, with its cracking 80s soundtrack and some fine performances, Eugene Simon is particularly good as is Sally Phillips as the Knight boys’ mother, The Fence might be thin in terms of story but with an enthusiastic and talented cast and more than a few laughs there’s worse ways to spend 90 minutes of your time.


The Fence

1h 34m

Director: William Stone
Cast: Sally Phillips, Eugene Simon, Jayde Adams, Paul Cooper, Joe Sims

UK Release: Digital Platforms 28th November 2022