Review (Scott McCutcheon 21/06/24)

With supporting roles in television shows such as My Name Is Earl, Breaking Bad, True Blood, and Justified and films such as 2010’s Winter’s Bones, Dale Dickey will be a familiar face to most film and TV lovers.

Now she gets, what could arguably be, her first leading role in director Karl R. Hearne’s The G.

The story, whilst is probably unfamiliar to most, especially those that stay outside the US, is based on the power that state appointed guardians are given to run the lives of the elderly.

Ann, also known by the mysterious name of The G (Dickey) by her family, cares for her husband but one day, out of the blue the pair are snatched from their home by a corrupt legal guardian who believes they have hidden wealth.

The blurb for the film which goes along the lines of “The G begins to show her true mettle as she and her loyal granddaughter fight to get them out...and get revenge on the people who did this” would make you believe that you were being invited to see a kick ass granny take revenge on some unscrupulous bad guys. A bit like a female Charles Bronson.

Sadly that’s not the case as The G is a slow moving talky film with what action there is being confined to a few sporadic moments dotted throughout the film. It also doesn’t help that some scenes don’t make any sense. A kidnapping being one of the most obvious examples. 

Dickey is good but she’s hampered by some poor story writing and some even poorer acting by some supporting characters.

After decades of supporting roles Dale Dickey deserves to be in something better than The G.


The G

Director: Karl R. Hearne
Cast: Dale Dickey, Romane Denis, Roc Lafortune, Bruce Ramsay, Jonathan Koensgen

UK Release: Cinemas 21st June 2024