STUDIOCANAL has announced the upcoming release of the newly-restored British comedy, THE GALLOPING MAJOR. This rarely seen crime caper will be available to own on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital from August 8. Directed by Henry Cornelius (I Am a Camera, Passport to Pimlico) and based on an idea by Basil Radford (The Captive Heart, Whisky Galore!), THE GALLOPING MAJOR is part of the Romulus Film Catalogue and features a stella cast of the era including Basil Radford, Jimmy Hanley (The Blue Lamp, The Captive Heart), Hugh Griffith (Oliver!, Kind Hearts and Coronets), Janette Scott (School for Scoundrels, As Long as They’re Happy), A.E. Matthews (Laughter in Paradise, Whisky Galore!) and Charles Victor (The Ringer, Major Barbara). Featuring brand-new bonus material and looking better than ever, THE GALLOPING MAJOR is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding Vintage Classics collection. ‘The stars and producers of "Passport to Pimlico" and "Tight Little Island" DO IT AGAIN!’ After a successful day at the races, Major Arthur Hill (Basil Radford) and Harold Temple (Hugh Griffith) decide to raise a £300 syndicate to buy a certain racehorse. With excited help from their friends (Janette Scott, Jimmy Hanley, Rene Ray, Joyce Grenfell, A. E. Matthews) they get the money, but things don't go so smoothly from here. First, they accidently buy the wrong horse which proves to have more of an affinity for jumping than racing. They then decide to train it themselves as a jumper under the new name "The Galloping Major". However, on the night before the Grand National, the horse mysteriously disappears..

Extras Material

  • NEW Locations featurette with Historian Richard Dacre
  • NEW Betting On Success - Matthew Sweet On The Galloping Major
  • Stills Gallery

Running Time: 79 mins DVD / 82 mins BD Cert: PG