The Goldfinger stars Tony Leung (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Grandmaster) and Andy Lau (The Wandering Earth II, House of Flying Daggers), teamed with Infernal Affairs co-writer Felix Chong (The Silent War, Overheard), who now directs. They first collaborated more than 20 years ago on original 2002 box office sensation Infernal Affairs which earned international acclaim and paved the way for a hit trilogy. Inspired by true events and set during the 1980’s, The Goldfinger follows the rise and fall of a multi-billion-dollar company and its chairman Cheng Yi-yan (Leung), who undergoes a major investigation led by an elite anti-corruption investigator (Lau). The result is a relentless and intriguing 15-year investigation in pursuit of the truth.

The Goldfinger (original title Jin shouzhi)

1h 38m

Director: Felix Chong
Cast: : Tony Leung, Andy Lau

UK Release: Cinemas 5th January 2024 Previews 30th December 2023