Bolivia, present-day. A young miner, Elder, makes a week-long trek to La Paz to demand the reinstatement of his and fellow workers’ jobs, better still to make it in the big city. But after finding work in a local market Elder suddenly falls ill, suffering frequent choking and shortness of breath, his mysterious ailment as sprawling and overwhelming as the city itself. A doctor says there is no cure, he is beyond help. As Elder deteriorates, he enlists the aid of the mysterious Mamá Pancha, who sends him to Max, a homeless witch doctor, hermit, and clown. Will Elder slip away, or can their otherworldly magic pull him from the brink and back to life?

The Great Movement

1h 25m

Director: Kiro Russo
Cast: Max Bautista Uchasar, Julio Cesar Ticona, Israel Hurtado

UK Release: In cinemas  15th April 2022