In a remote Estonian village, three children from the city are forced to spend the summer on their grandfather's farm. Determined to make them see the simple beauty of country living, he sets them to work, only to have the little scumbags accidentally set loose his prized and thoroughly abused cow. Now they have only 24 hours to find and milk the rogue bovine before its exponentially expanding udders explode and unleash the Lactopalypse. To make matters worse, a decrepit, disgraced farmer and his chainsaw-wielding gang is also determined to catch the animal, with murder on his mind. Why does he hate cows so much? On their epic journey, our heroes must face festival hippies, vicious forest dwellers, strange woodland sprites, heavy-metal rockers and other dangers commonly found in the Estonian countryside.

The Old Man Movie: Lactopalypse!

1h 28m

Director: Oskar Lehemaa, Mikk Magi
Cast: Mart Avandi, Reio Blond, Meriiyn Elge

UK Release: Talent Q&A screenings starting between 24th - 29th May, with UK wide screenings from 2nd June 2023