Growing up in the roaring 1920s, young cousins Linda Radlett and Fanny Logan defy all expectations by diving headlong into every experience that life – and love -has to offer. Headstrong Linda wants the perfect romance. And book-smart Fanny longs for something more solid. As their lives take different paths, will they ever find Mr Right? And how will they know true love when they find it? The Pursuit of Love presents a world of glamour, privilege, and unfettered British eccentricity. But underneath the exuberance are deep emotional truths, and a manifesto for how to live life fearlessly while relishing all of its absurdities.

The Pursuit Of Love

3 episodes

Director: Marciej Barczewski
Cast; Lily Collins, Dominic West, Emily Beecham

UK Release: Blu-ray, DVD & Digital download 5th July 2021