Part funded by the National Lottery and Scottish Government funding through Screen Scotland’s Film production and Development Fund Scottish filmmaker /director Borja Alcalde's first feature documentary chooses to document one family's journey as they travel from their home in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru to the Amazon rainforest.

Carmen and Sergio are ordinary parents who, concerned that their three children are becoming more and more reliant on modern technology, decide to take them on a trip across Peru in a campervan. Their ultimate destination being the Amazon Rainforest where they hope the three children can reconnect with nature.

The Sacred Family plays small part drama large part travelogue. The drama only really being confined to the last few minutes which given the tranquil nature of what’s came before makes for a slightly confusing finale.

Without doubt the star of Alcalde's film is the outstanding cinematography from barren desserts to lush green forests .Alcalde’s film is a journey across some of the most beautiful and desolate land on the planet. If you are planning on seeing The Sacred Family try and catch it on the biggest screen possible as it’s without doubt the best way to do Alcalde’s film any justice.


The Sacred Family

1h 30m


Director: Boria Alcade Rubio

UK Release: World Premiere Edinburgh International Film Festival on 18th August 2022