Phil Waterhouse is a successful documentary filmmaker with a thriving career, brilliant girlfriend, and lovely suburban home. His last film – The Price of Brothahood – was a rousing critical and commercial hit. During its making, though, the film’s subject – babyfaced Harlem teenager Malcolm – was murdered. An act Phil caught on tape. He is haunted by Malcolm’s death, watching his footage over and over again. Journalists, who once lauded him, hound him about his responsibility in Malcolm’s murder. Now, someone stalks Phil, filming his every move. He is unnerved being the subject of someone else’s movie, especially when it threatens his idyllic life.

The Subject

1h 57m

Director: Lanie Zipoy
Cast: Jason Biggs, Aunjanue Ellis, Anabelle Acosta, Carra Patterson, Nile Bullock, Caleb Eberhardt, Lacy Allen, Nick Abeel, Zack Calhoon, Hilary Townsend

UK Release: Digital Platforms 20th February 2023