If you’ve ever wondered if knowing what your dog thought would be fun the answer, by the evidence provided in Think Like A Dog, would be no.

Taking its inspiration from films such as Look Who’s Talking and Freaky Friday, Think Like A Dog is a film that’s short on laughs and pretty much devoid of any emotion.

Twelve-year old Oliver (Gabriel Bateman) is a tech wizard who manages to create a device that allows him to have a telepathic connection with his dog Henry (voiced by Todd Stashwick). As the bond between boy and dog becomes closer and the pair learn about each other they set about trying to save Oliver’s parents (an under used Josh Duhamel & Megan Fox) marriage.

Meanwhile to add some tension to the whole thing a cyber businessman called Mr Mills (Kunal Nayyar) arrives on the scene in order to get his hands on Oliver’s technology.

Think Like A Dog appears to be aimed at undemanding young kids who like jokes about farting dogs and dog pooh or long lingering shots of a dog panting with its tongue hanging out. For everyone else Think Like A Dog is hard to recommend.


Think Like A Dog (PG)

1h 30m

Director: Gil Junger

UK Release:  On Demand 6th July and on DVD 20th July 2020
US Release : On Demand 9th June 2020

Think Like A Dog - "Dog Park" Clip

Think Like A Dog - "Best Friends" Clip