Following its World Premiere in the Official Selection at Cannes Film Festival 2021, Modern Films presents Italian film director Nanni Moretti new film, Three Floors (Tre Piani). Adapted from Eshkol Nevo’s best-selling novel ‘Three Floors Up’, the film marks acclaimed auteur Moretti (known for his film The Son’s Room) ’s first adaptation of the work of another artist, relocating the book’s original setting of Tel Aviv to the stylish Prati neighbourhood of Rome. Featuring an ensemble cast, the drama follows three families living in a three-story building. Over a ten-year period, life forces the characters to deal with conflicts that affect relationships between siblings, parents and children, husbands and wives. The choices each of them makes reflect universal moral issues and have multi-layered repercussions on their lives.

Three Floors

1h 59m

Director: Nanni Moretti
Cast: Margherita Buy, Alba Rohrwacher, Elena Lietti, Denise Tantucci, Riccardo Scamarcio, Adriano Giannini, Alessandro Sperduti

UK Release: Cinemas 18th March 2022