A woman vanishes. Two men take to the road in search of her: they both love her. Why did she leave? Each one of them has his own suspicions, and hides them from the other one who - mysteriously - never truly becomes his rival. Neither is right - but is anyone? This sudden run away becomes the hidden core of a number of fictions that the film delicately weaves together: the secret of the heart of another woman, lost as well, many years ago; the secret of the life of a village in the countryside, governed by a supernatural incident that nobody seems to perceive; the secret of the plains, which never ceases to spread and devour everything, like the shadows that invade the world after the twilight hour.

Trenque Lauquen parts 1 & 2

Part 1 2h 8m Part 2 2h 12m
Director: Laura Citarella
Cast: :Laura Paredes, Ezequiel Pierri, Rafael Spregelburd, Cecilia Rainero

UK Release: Cinemas and Curzon Home Cinema 8th December 2023