When a long-term inmate at a mental clinic in Scandinavia confesses to a series of brutal murders on the eve of his release, his therapist, a police officer, and the inmate himself set out to reconstruct the details of the case and comprehend the murky reality that emerges. Each of these characters hope to find a concealed truth: troubled criminal Mads looks to understand his past, his trusted confidante Anna seeks validation of her psychoanalytic theories, whilst investigator Soren sees both as his key to solving a number of cold cases. As the trio struggle to discern fact from fiction, all are dragged deeper into a deadly game of psychological dependency that threatens to destroy them all.

What Remains

2h 06m

Director: Ran Huang
Cast: Stellan Skarsgård, Andrea Riseborough, Gustaf Skarsgård

UK Release: Cinemas 5th July Digital Platforms 5th August 2024