Review (Scott Mc Cutcheon 24/02/23)

With the title What’s Love Got To Do With It? older cinemagoers might be forgiven for thinking that they’re back in 1993 and Angela Bassett is reprising her role as Tina. Thankfully we’re not back in 1993 and rather being a musical biopic What’s Love as we’ll call it is a hugely enjoyable rom-com starring Lily James, Shazad Latif and Emma Thompson.

What’s Love is a film about arranged relationships. On one side of the fence, quite literally as they both stayed next door to each other, is Zoe (Lily James) a documentary film-maker who is addicted, with very little success, to dating apps and whose interfering mother Cath, (Emma Thompson) is always trying, much to Zoe’s annoyance, to set her up in a relationship. On the other side of the fence is Zoe’s next door neighbour and best friend Kaz (Shazad Latif). Kaz is following his parent’s wishes and opts for an arranged marriage to a bright and beautiful bride from Pakistan, a bride he has only spoken to a few times over zoom.

Zoe decides that her next project should be a documentary about Kaz’s arranged marriage and she goes with him and her mother to Lahore to document on film his upcoming wedding.

What’s Love is your average rom-com which is lifted above the ordinary by some sparkling performances from a wonderful cast, Lily James lights up the screen every time she appears and Shazad Latif’s charisma flows from the screen.

It might be predictably cheesy but by the end I guarantee What’s Love will have melted the hardest of hearts and you’ll come out of the cinema feeling slightly better about the world.



What's Love Got To Do With It?

Director: Shekhar Kapur
Cast:  Lily James, Emma Thompson, Shazad Latif

UK Release: Cinemas 24th February 2023