n the 70s, Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (HKICAC) was founded. The mission to hunt down corrupted detectives unveiled a new chapter of the colonial Hong Kong. Lui Lok (Aaron Kwok) and Nam Kong (Tony Leung) who used to be two righteous police officers wanted to change the status quo. They built an empire of corruption by controlling organised crimes and eventually took the position of Chief Chinese Detective. A new episode of history began, HKICAC issued the wanted notices for Lui Lok and Nam Kong. Their era has officially come to an end. Where the wind blows, Hong Kong is no longer where it used to be…

Where The Wind Blows
(Alternative title : Theory of Ambitions)

1h 48m

Director: Philip Yung
Cast: Tony Leung, Aaron Kwok

UK Release: Cinemas 29th September 2023