The multiple festival award-winning debut feature from Justin John Doherty and Neil Fox is an intimate and honest portrayal of a couple experiencing the first flush of love and all the thrilling passion, and unnerving insecurities that entails.

John (James Barnes) is a touring jazz musician who meets Alice (Katharine Davenport) after a gig. A passionate one-night stand quickly develops into a full-blown love affair with the pair declaring their utter devotion to each other and contemplating a possible future together.

The perfect couple leave the city for a perfect romantic getaway in Cornwall. However, over the course of the weekend, they come into contact with strangers and friends and the bubble threatens to burst as they discover the vulnerabilities, flaws and manipulations that were previously masked by the blissful waves of new love.

The soundtrack is rich with contemporary jazz and the rhythm and motifs of the music find their way into the film’s visuals and dialogue as John and Alice go from infatuation, through misunderstandings towards perhaps something more real.


1h 35m

UK Release: Digital 5th April 2021