Running from 28th February to 10th March here's our pick of the films showing at Glasgow Film Festival 2024

Wednesday 28th February

Love Lies Bleeding

Love and violence come together in an explosive cocktail in this thriller starring Kristen Stewart as a gym manager who falls for a bodybuilder, with dangerous implications for them both.

Opening Film - Also showing on the 29th February
Thursday 29th February

Black Dog

An extrovert foster kid desperate to see his sister ends up on an unexpected road trip with an introverted fellow teen in actor-turned-director George Jaques’s funny and touching tale of friendship and moving on.

Also showing on the 1st March

Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone, A Love Song) stars in this pacy and complex revenge thriller that proves hell hath no fury like a grandmother scorned.

Also showing on the 2nd March

Radu Jude’s latest satire takes us on an absurdist road trip through Romania past and present as a worn-out production assistant tries to make a workplace safety video come together.

Also showing on the 1st March
Friday 1st March

The Teachers Lounge

An idealistic teacher finds her good intentions leave her trapped in a moral maze after she tries to get to the bottom of school thefts in lker Çatak’s tense drama.

Also showing on the 2nd March


Droll but sensitive comedy sees an ageing and curmudgeonly office worker on the cusp of retirement discover there’s more to life than he thought after the death of his neighbour.

Also showing on the 29th February


A couple find their marriage deteriorating after a disturbing episode when the husband declares in his sleep, “Someone’s inside”. This marks the start of a descent into nerve-jangling horror.

Also showing on the 2nd March
Saturday 2nd March

Based on true events, Audrey (Jena Malone) is drifting through life. She loses her job and her boyfriend and is struggling to pay the rent. YouTube videos of adult adoption inspire her to seek an older couple who might be prepared to adopt her. When she meets eccentric, uptight engineer Otto (an unforgettable Robert Hunger-Bühler) and his wife Sonny (Emily Kuroda) it is hardly a match made in heaven, but a bond gradually develops that challenges and surprises all of them.

Also showing on the 3rd March

Falling Into Place

Wintry Skye provides the beautiful backdrop for the start of a will they/won’t they romance between a woman and a man who, in running away from themselves, might find each other.

Also showing on the 3rd March

An undocumented immigrant who signs up to the Foreign Legion becomes increasingly psychologically troubled after a mission to the Niger Delta in this gripping and hallucinatory character study, starring Franz Rogowski.

Also showing on the 3rd March


After her father is murdered by German settlers, a young Indigenous girl on a remote Chilean island embraces witchcraft in a bid for justice in this atmospheric and otherworldly tale.

Also showing on the 3rd March
Sunday 3rd March

Restore Point

In 2041 an unnatural death doesn’t have to mean the end. When a developer of the technology and his wife are murdered, a detective becomes mired in the case.

Also showing on the 2nd March

The Burning Season

The story of a long-running love affair linked to an incident from the past unspools backwards to reveal its secrets in a twisty tale of a bad romance.

Also showing on the 4th March
Monday 4th March

Milk Teeth

An atmospheric survivalist drama with a fairy-tale edge sees trouble brewing for a young woman and her mother after they take in a foundling youngster against the wishes of their community.

Also showing on the 5th March

Only The River Flows

This moody Asian-noir crime thriller, laced with dark humour, charts a detective’s attempts to identify a serial killer in a rural town as the secrets of the locals are gradually revealed.

Also showing on the 5th March
Tuesday 5th March

Made In England: The Films Of Powell And Pressburger

Directing great, Martin Scorsese, offers a personal consideration of the work and influence of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, who made classics including The Red Shoes and A Matter of Life and Death.

Also showing on the 6th March

Biopic about Pulitzer Prize winner Isabel Wilkerson as she works on her hit book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent, which was sparked by the killing of unarmed Black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Also showing on the 2nd March

Hesitation Wound

Taut character study observing an intense 24 hours in the life of a lawyer defending a man accused of murder while, at home, she faces difficult decisions regarding her hospitalised mother.

Also showing on the 6th March
Wednesday 6th March

Baby Assassins 2

The kick-ass assassins with slacker tendencies are back in a fast-paced and funny sequel that sees them trying to pay off a gym debt while avoiding losing their spot in the Assassins’ Guild to a pair of rivals.

Also showing on the 7th March

Happy Together

Regarded as one of the best LGBT films in the New Queer Cinema movement, this is a rare opportunity to see Wong Kar wai’s empathetic and lonely love story on screen.

Thursday 7th March

You'll Never Find Me

Claustrophobic, tense Australian thriller set over the course of one stormy night. Paranoia begins to boil after a young woman seeks shelter in the caravan of an older man.

In Flames

A grieving student grappling with patriarchal oppression and debt in the wake of the death of her grandfather finds herself stalked by a sinister force in this powerful psychological horror.

Also showing on the 8th March

French auteur Bertrand Bonello presents a bold, centuries-spanning tale of romance and obsession in the shadow of an impending catastrophe freely adapted from Henry James’s The Beast In The Jungle.

Also showing on the 8th March

The Wizard of Oz

To celebrate the year 1939, which not only marks the film’s release but also the year that the Cosmo Cinema (now GFT) was founded Glasgow Film Festival provides a rare opportunity to see The Wizard of Oz on the big screen.
Friday 8th March

Daisy Ridley stars as a solitary office worker who resolutely avoids office banter in favour of a quiet life, until a friendly new employee begins to find a crack in her shell.

Also showing on the 7th March

The Deep Dark

Decades after a deadly cave-in, a veteran miner is forced to accompany a professor underground and, after a landslide, they find themselves up against an ancient mutant that craves blood.
Saturday 9th March

Riddle of Fire

After a trio of kids make a deal with their mum over a video game they embark on a fantasy journey in search of a speckled egg in this nostalgic charmer.

Also showing on the 3rd March

Jericho Ridge

After a trio of kids make a deal with their mum over a video game they embark on a fantasy journey in search of a speckled egg in this nostalgic charmer.

Also showing on the 10th March
Sunday 10th March

An honest, moving and often hilarious documentary about comic Janey Godley, interweaving stories from her life with footage from her Not Dead Yet tour in the wake of her cancer diagnosis.

Closing Film

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